Break the Silence, Stop the Violence

CP34vStopping a random act of violence is a difficult thing to do-- it’s hard to predict the future. But many of the previous cases of school violence didn’t come without warning. These misguided young people gave signs of their future actions through attitude, behavior and even the spoken word. Some people noticed, some listened, but did nothing. These tragedies may have been avoided if the people who saw these signs had not remained silent. Break the Silence, Stop the Violence teaches the warning signs of potentially violent people, and encourage students to speak up whenever they see any of these warning signs. The narrators encourage students to talk with their parents, teachers, and law enforcement-- anyone who will listen. The only way to stop the violence is to break the silence.

Support Documents
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Additional Info
  • Runtime: 11 Minutes
  • Age Level: 9th - 12th Grade
  • Code: CP34D