Character University: Bullying

LS33v-2Character University: Bullying provides insight into bullying for anyone who has been or may become a participant in a bullying situation. It offers viewers concrete intervention strategies to resist and to overcome the tactics of a bully. Two types of bullying are discussed in this video, physical and verbal. Each is equally detrimental to the victim and should be stopped at the earliest signs. The first scenario shown in the video is one of a young boy who is confronted in the hallway at school by a bully. He learns that it is best to walk with confidence and not acknowledge the bully's threats. If he continues to pursue, the victim should then lead the bully to a safe place, like a teacher’s office. Another situation is shown dealing with three girls who pick on a shy classmate. The students are taught that if they witness a situation like this they should step in and stand up for the shy classmate. By doing so, they are essentially standing up for themselves as well.

Additional Info
  • Runtime: 10 Minutes
  • Age Level: 5th - 12th Grade
  • Code: LS33D