Character University: Responsibility

LS32v-1In Character University: Responsibility, students learn to organize and plan ahead in order to successfully carry out their responsibilities at home and in school. Three situations illustrate the importance of being responsible. The first depicts the actions of a young girl disobeying the requests of her mother, resulting in her being grounded. This is a great way to teach consequences. In the second scenario, students are given tips for getting organized. As a result of a young boy’s irresponsibility at home and in school - not giving messages, completing homework assignments, or doing household chores – he becomes grounded and is required to use a planner to keep track of his responsibilities. The final situation illustrates one student following the irresponsible actions of his friend. As a result, the consequences are bestowed upon both students. This short video encourages young people to think before they act by weighing out the consequences.

Additional Info
  • Runtime: 14 Minutes
  • Age Level: 5th - 12th Grade
  • Code: LS32D