Club Drugs: From Rave to the Grave (Adult Version)

da80dParents want to trust their teenage son or daughter will do the right thing and not take drugs. However, the growing popularity of the rave scene among teens in the 90s created a whole new drug phenomenon - club drugs. The adult version of Club Drugs: From Rave to the Grave contains interviews with substance abuse counselors, medical professionals, law enforcement authorities, and even teens who have been to raves. Each provides their perspective on the rave culture, and a thorough explanation of the adverse health effects of ecstasy, methamphetamine, LSD, GHB, rohypnol, and ketamine. The interviews are interspersed with a gripping story about two girls who go to a rave, but only one comes out alive. Sarah is nervous about her first rave experience, but Vicki and her boyfriend convince her that drugs like ecstasy are harmless. Viewers watch the girls lie to Sarah's parents about where they're going. At the club, Sarah meets Ed -- a drug dealer. Ed gains her trust and gets her to take some ecstasy, then when she's disoriented he slips more drinks into her water bottle. He tries to take advantage of her, but Sarah passes out and stops breathing. Ed flees the club and Vicki is brought to the police station for questioning while Sarah struggles for her life in a hospital. The dramatic narrative, combined with the factual basis provided by the experts, will make Club Drugs: From Rave to the Grave an effective part of your substance abuse prevention program, as you show adults how to approach the subject of club drugs with their children.

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  • Runtime: 22 Minutes
  • Age Level: Adult
  • Code: DA80-A-D