Decide To Be Drug Free

da61dDecide to Be Drug Free will capture kids' attention with its imaginative puppetry, leading them to understand that saying "No" is the best choice they can make when it comes to the pressures of using drugs. Young kids will identify with Katie's desire to be a grown-up in the video. But Katie believes the magazines and movies that tell her drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco are part of being a glamorous adult. Katie needs to learn to make healthy decisions. Ozlot, a gnome-like creature, takes her to "The Middle," a land where kids have to decide between doing something and not doing something. Using his special compass, the two journey through the land to meet the Smoke King, Rock Bottom, and R. X. Feelgood. These creatures try to convince Katie of the benefits of smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and taking medicine when she's not sick. Katie watches how they behave and realizes that each choice is unhealthy. She makes the decision to say "No." Decide to Be Drug Free imparts valuable lessons on the specific health hazards of tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs, and gives kids options on how to avoid or refuse them. Kids will have fun watching while also learning to make healthy decisions.

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Additional Info
  • Runtime: 19 Minutes
  • Age Level: 1st - 3rd Grade
  • Code: DA61D