Heroin: The Real Deal

da77dThis fact-filled video takes a look at heroin and how its use destroys people’s lives. The video opens with interviews of the family and band members of deceased rock star Brad Nowell, from the band "Sublime." Interviews with prevention experts, a DEA agent, and the parents of young people who have died under heroin’s tight grip give heart-wrenching accounts to the dangers of heroin. This true story illustrates the devastating nature of heroin by using people who many teens idealize: musicians. By relating to young people in this fashion, it ensures they pay attention and remember the dangers of drug abuse so they do not follow in the footsteps of those who went before them. This video gives students guidelines for healthy living and avoiding heroin so they will remain safe from this drug's harmful pulls.

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Additional Info
  • Runtime: 22 Minutes
  • Age Level: 7th Grade - Adult
  • Code: DA77D