Inhalants: No Huffing!

da95dSarah, Josh, and Kelsey are facing the toughest decision of their lives. Their friend, Jacie, has died from inhaling chemicals. They realize that another one of their friends is in the same danger. They get caught up in a moral dilemma between not wanting to be labeled as “uncool” and saving their friend‘s life. What will they do? Inhalants: No Huffing! uses intense visuals and music to tell a morality tale about an issue that is of great concern to teenagers, not being labeled as a “snitch” no matter what the consequences. This program was designed to appeal to young people with a unique approach to the educational film genre.

Support Documents
  • PBDA95-VLG
Additional Info
  • Runtime: 18 Minutes
  • Age Level: 7th Grade - Adult
  • Code: DA95D