Meth: Under the Ice

da73dMeth: Under the Ice uses a direct, matter-of-fact style coupled with engaging computer graphics to explore the current state of Crystal Meth use in the country. A narrator explains to teens the dangers of using Methamphetamine. Viewers are shown how and where Meth is made. Some chemicals used in this drug are poisonous and can burn the users esophagus. The video explains the effects of using this substance, from high blood pressure and decreased appetite, to death and everything in between. Also depicted is the addictive nature of the drug and its withdrawal symptoms. This hyped-up amphetamine is extremely dangerous and can cause permanent brain damage even after one use.

Support Documents
  • PBDA73-VLG
Additional Info
  • Runtime: 15 Minutes
  • Age Level: 7th Grade - Adult
  • Code: DA73D