Methamphetamine: Nowhere Fast

da98dMethamphetamine: Nowhere Fast is an intense, no holds barred look at the destructive power of methamphetamine. The seductive power of this drug is put under a microscope of insight helping to show young people what can happen when meth pervades their life. This video delves into the way meth is produced. It show that unscrupulous, inexperienced and ill-equipped people are making this dangerous chemical in the most unsanitary ways possible. It also shows these inexperienced careless manufacturers will use ANY ingredients available such as: bleach, lye, nail polish remover, road flares, and even cat litter. Methamphetamine: Nowhere Fast doesn't just tell young people why they should never experiment with meth, it shows true life examples of its negative effects. Designed to hold viewers' attention while underlining the dark nature of the underground culture surrounding this drug, this video informs young people about the dangerous effects meth has on a user's body and mind.

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Additional Info
  • Runtime: 12 Minutes
  • Age Level: 7th Grade - Adult
  • Code: DA98D