No-Puff Pals vs. Big Tobacco, Inc.

da82dEvery child can be a super-hero by refusing tobacco products. Kids must take strong, deep breaths to grow up healthy. Every time they refuse to smoke cigarettes, they build their No Puff Power. This animated movie uses simple language and age-appropriate concepts to teach children from kindergarten through third grade how to use their No Puff Power to spread the word that tobacco is bad news. No Puff Superheroes "Lance, Sasha and Max" uncover a plot by the wicked Big Tobacco, Inc. executives, who are plotting to trick children into using tobacco products. The evil company plans to use slick advertising and peer pressure to convince the children of "Cleanfield" that smoking and using chewing tobacco is fun and glamorous. Luckily, the No Puff Pals are able to reach the children in time to teach them the truth about tobacco. For example, Tobacco contains a strong drug called nicotine that makes people crave it more and more and makes it hard to quit using it once you start. Using tobacco is an extremely bad idea, however, because it makes people sick, wastes their money, and causes them to stink.

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Additional Info
  • Runtime: 12 Minutes
  • Age Level: 1st - 3rd Grade
  • Code: DA82D