Saying No! Alcohol: Drug Undercover

da116dA Telly Award-winning video! The hallmarks of adolescence that the alcohol industry uses to lure young people into drinking – their spirit of rebellion, need for social acceptance and desire to appear sophisticated – are used in this video to drive home the opposing argument. Teen narrators use clips from liquor industry TV spots to show the degree to which teens are targeted, and the duplicity of the claim implicit in the advertising that drinking is a harmless, sophisticated, “fun” behavior. All the health and social hazards of drinking are explored. However, recognizing the inability of young viewers to identify with the long-term effects of alcohol abuse, the emphasis is on the effects of alcohol on appearance, physical development and the risk drinking could pose to a teen’s most longed-for privilege – driving. Winner of the 2004 Telly Award!

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Additional Info
  • Runtime: 14 Minutes
  • Age Level: 5th - 10th Grade
  • Code: DA116D