Saying No And Feeling Fine

da14dSaying No And Feeling Fine presents Sergeant Sayno and Sniffer, the drug sniffing dog. They explain their responsibilities on the police force and how they work to keep kids safe from drugs. They break down why kids say yes to drugs in the first place and talk about the role that peer pressure and rebellion can play in drug use. Sergeant Sayno clarifies that even medicines can be harmful and that it's not safe to take anything unless a trusted adult says it's okay. He notes that all drugs can have permanent side effects and that one drug can lead to another. Viewers are given a drug user's first-person account of his experiences and his revelation that you don't need drugs to have friends or feel good. Kids are reminded that the word "no" is very powerful but that they need to practice saying no.

Additional Info
  • Runtime:
  • Age Level: 1st - 6th Grade
  • Code: DA14D