Saying No! Tobacco: Smash It!

da108dA Telly Award-winning video! This high-impact video effectively applies teenage rebelliousness, peer orientation, and rejection of authority to the task of discouraging tobacco use. Teen narrators introduce young viewers to the realities of smoking and spit tobacco – realities which are nothing like the sophisticated, romantic image presented by the tobacco industry. The video presents all the medical arguments against tobacco use. However, recognizing that the target audience of 5th through 10th graders has little sense of its own mortality, the arguments emphasize matters of appearance, reduced athletic ability and cost, with which teens can more easily identify. Winner of the 2004 Telly Award!

Support Documents
  • PBDA108-VLG
Additional Info
  • Runtime: 14 Minutes
  • Age Level: 5th - 10th Grade
  • Code: DA108D