The Truth About Tobacco

da56d*A Gold Cindy Award *Houston / World Fest Finalist *A Telly Award Finalist* A youthful cast and computer graphics detail the ravages of tobacco use in this award-winning video. It starts with the stunning fact that tobacco use kills more people every year than cocaine, murder, AIDS, and drunk driving combined. The Truth About Tobacco discusses the early 20th century technological advances and television advertising that fostered an economic boom for the tobacco industry. Viewers will be stunned to discover just how much money cigarette companies make off of one pack of cigarettes, as well as the thousands of poisonous chemicals contained in them. Testimonials from teens and skits debunk the myths about smoking as popular or glamorous, while a visit to the hospital sheds light on the immediate and long-term physical effects of smoking, including increased heart rate, lowered body temperature, emphysema, and cancer. The impact of smoking on non-smokers is also covered, with facts about the dangers of tobacco use on unborn babies, how passive smoke can lower resistance to illness, and the 65,000 fires caused by careless smokers each year. The Truth About Tobacco leaves no doubt that smoking is a bad choice.

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  • Runtime: 17 Minutes
  • Age Level: 7th Grade - Adult
  • Code: DA56D