The Truth About Vaping

DA216DThe Truth About Vaping video informs young and old alike about the dangers, both known and unknown, when using e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, or electronic nicotine devices, create a vapor (hence the term “Vaping”) infused with flavoring and nicotine. Sold as a healthy alternative to smoking, the truth about vaping is that no one knows for sure what the health consequences of using e-cigarettes actually are. What is known? The usage of electronic nicotine devices is skyrocketing. A recent CDC survey found that e-cigarette usage among middle and high school students tripled over a one-year period (2013-2014). The danger is that young people are skipping tobacco cigarettes and moving to supposedly “safer” electronic cigarettes. But, whether tobacco or electronic, nicotine is nicotine. According to outpatient addiction treatment services, nicotine is a highly addictive, poisonous drug. E-cigarettes don’t eliminate nicotine, they simply provide a new way to abuse it.

The video covers the “supposedly harmless” and attractive nature of e-cigarettes with their cool, techy devices and candy flavors. The fact that the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes are unknown is also showcased. The video explores the claim that the vapor is “harmless” by reporting on recent research that exposes e-cigarette vapor contains formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing chemical. The addictive nature of nicotine and its affects on the body are also explored, including the negative effects nicotine has on the teenaged brain. The video then looks at the dangerous practice of vaping synthetic drugs, like K2, hash oil and even caffiene, learn more at this blog post about where to get drug addict help. Finally, viewers are urged to stop using e-cigarettes and nicotine or, better yet, to never start.

Hosted by a lively young narrator, the video explores the dangers of vaping with informative graphic sequences. Interviews with real teenagers sharing their thoughts and opinions on e-cigarettes lead to the final conclusion: There are better things to do than waste your health and money on vaping.

Additional Info
  • Runtime: 16 Minutes
  • Age Level: 8th - Adult
  • Code: DA216D